Finance Department

Director: Mrs. Lillie Robey

Location: Central Office, Hwy 49 N, 196 M.K. Drive

Phone: 662-887-4919/ext. 107


Welcome to the Business and Finance section of the Sunflower County Consolidated School District. It is our goal in the finance department to assist teachers and administrators in their mission to provide a safe and academically stimulating environment for the students of the District.

Some of the primary functions of this Department consist of budget management and development, accounts payable, payroll functions, managing fixed assets, and audits.

The budgeting process for Sunflower County Schools is designed to facilitate the development of an overall plan for the use of financial resources that will best serve the needs of students. With the implementation of site-based management, decisions for the use of financial resources are made by the stakeholders responsible for accomplishing desired results. 

Lillie Robey

Distrubition of Checks or Direct Deposit Notices

Direct deposit statements will no longer be printed and sent to schools.  Employees can access their direct deposit statement by their district email. 

Payroll/AP Cut-off Dates

Payroll Cut-off Date Schedule

AP Cut-off Date Schedule

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